September 19, 2008

The Evangelical Universalist

Gregory Macdonald pseudonymously wrote (2006) The Evangelical Universalist. And Macdonald started a blog, which spawned a forum board

I like Macdonald's approach to evangelical universalism, for example, (4/30/2008) Responses to evangelical objections to the orthodoxy of universalism:

'So what do the "evangelical" universalists believe? Much the same as any other evangelical. They believe that God is triune and created the world ex nihilo; they believe that humans are created in this God's image; they believe that human rebellion separates us from God and deserves punishment; they accept the final authority of the Scriptures for matters of Christian faith; they believe that the Father sent his one and only Son as a human being (who did not cease to be divine) to live as our representative, to reveal the Father and to atone for our sins through his death on the cross; they believe that through his resurrection eternal life is available to those who trust in Christ; they believe in salvation by grace (not merit), through faith in Christ (not works); they believe in the return of Christ and the coming day of judgment; they even believe in hell!'

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